What happened to r-r-r.org and hard-vinyl.de?

Well RestRoomRecords is more ore less still alive. We will spend the little time we have into a new vinyl project and so we are just too lazy to keep our webpage updated.

hard-vinyl.de / breakcore.de / speedcore.net was our own store for a plenty of years but the used software of the shopsystem got a bit long in the tooth. Of course we are too lazy to set up a new shop. Anyway all our backstock is listed in our shop at discogs (click) and (because we are so lazy) ist easier for us to manage only the store at discogs instead of doing everything twice. If you dont have a discogs account just get in touch via mail (inapt(at)r-r-r.org) and tell us what record you need.

Thank you for supporting us through the last years.